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ViRobot Desktop 5.5

A professional and very useful tool that helps you protect your PC from viruses and also from spam,
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  • How can I obtain the antivirus from Google?
    There is no need to use Google since the application already has an official web address. Access the website and there will be the possibility to obtain a copy of the software, but there is a little problem. The only versions available for download are ViRobot Internet Security Suite (also contains antivirus-modules) and ViRobot Server. I recommend that you obtain the Internet Security Suite. Desktop version is not available anymore.


- Anti-Virus
- Anti-Spyware
- Anti-SPAM
- Network protection (Firewall)
- Folder protection
- Vulnerability analysis
- Logs & reports
- Multi-Language support
In the past, personal computer users could solve their PC security problems simply by OS security patch or vaccine program, but now it is hard to protect PC from new kinds of malicious programs that makes the damage of system and even finance by these ways.

Since various kinds of virus, worm, spam mail, spyware and hacking tools keep being developed and spread, users getting hard to protect their PC by just one security function.

ViRobot Desktop is the new total security product that is developed to protect personal user from virus, worm, malicious program, spam mail, spyware and etc, which spread rapidly by internet and E-mail and make even huge damage.

Main features:

- Powerful ViRobot engine to block virus
ViRobot Engine developed by HAURI own technology blocks the viruses and protect PCs from various malware attacks.
- Detect and repair Spyware / Adware
ViRobot Engine detects and repairs not only Virus, but also Spyware/Adware that makes trouble using PC.
- Real-Time Monitoring
ViRobot Desktop supports real-time monitoring to scan files, E-mail, and internet access by real-time for strong security.
- Filter SPAM and block worm
Monitor and scan E-mail that is the major virus infection path and block the mail with Worm, SPAM, malicious script and others.
- Firewall policy settings
Enable to set the firewall policy for share, process, network and virus access.
- ViRobot Self-protection
ViRobot Desktop has Folder protection function to guarantee the normal operation of ViRobot from virus or malicious code and protect the important folders.
- Support vulnerability analysis.
ViRobot Desktop shows your system vulnerability (MS security patch status), vulnerable account and share folder to prevent the attack.
- Logs & Report
Support the logs and reports for each security function and user can manage and optimize the security for the system.
- Multi Language
ViRobot Desktop supports the multi-language, Korean, English, Spanish and Japanese. It recognizes the OS language automatically and installs with right language format.


- Operating System : Windows 7 (32bit)
Windows Vista (32bit)
Windows XP
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows NT Workstation (SP 4 or above)
- Memory : 512MB or above
- CPU : Intel Pentium III 500Mhz or higher processor
- HDD : 300MB of free hard disk space or more
- Others : Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, TCP/IP Network

ViRobot Desktop - smart, professional and very useful tool that helps you protect your PC from viruses and also from spam, spyware etc.

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